Using Cotton Yarn

Vicki Hodge

Posted on June 24 2017

We've had temperatures topping 30 degrees this week and even hard core, all year round crocheters and knitters (like me!) have been struggling with keeping going.  Customers have been coming into the shop and we've been secretly admitting to each other that our hands may have been a little bit sweaty stopping the yarn flowing over them like usual!

I then point them to my secret weapon!  As it heats up I turn to cotton yarn and I highly recommend it for working with during the hot weather (as well as wearing it!).  It is quite a cool, dry fibre and is naturally very smooth which makes it ideal for flowing over hands that may not be as dry as usual!!

You can get so many beautiful colours as well, which makes it a great option if you want to work with 100% natural fibres but want to keep your projects vibrant.

There are some differences when you compare it to wool or acrylic.  Firstly, it is less elastic and tends to hang heavier which makes it perfect for making things that need to keep their shape and get treated a little rougher - like seat cushions or baskets.  This is also why a lot of crocheters prefer working with cotton.  This is a picture of a bracelet/headband that I made and I love how the rose keeps it shape because of the cotton yarn I used.

Secondly, it is breathable and light which is just what you want for summer knitwear!

Thirdly, you can get cotton that has been mercerised - i.e. treated so that it is stronger and has a lustre to it.  This is perfect for projects where you want good stitch definition like doilies, lacework shawls, edgings etc.

Plus you can wash it normally although because it hangs heavy it's best to dry cotton jumpers and cardi's flat.

I love it!  It's a beautiful fibre and can be used for so many projects.


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