Granny Square of the Month

Vicki Hodge

Posted on February 07 2016

I love all yarny crafts for different reasons and with crochet it's the flexibility of it that really appeals.  Particularly as I don't have the longest attention span!  All you have to do is put a few of the stitches together and you have a flower in 2 minutes or a granny square in 10 minutes!  It's immediate - which is very satisfying!  

Each month I run a Granny Square of the month session in the shop and I thought I would add the patterns to the blog every month for those of you who can't make it here.

We started with the basic granny square pattern:

Start with a magic circle -

  Crochet Magic Circle

Loop yarn around your fingers with working yarn on right and tail on left

 Crochet Magic Circle 2 

Insert hook through ring and pull up a loop from the working yarn

 Next we start working into the circle.


 Chain 3 stitches – this counts as your first treble (tr) stitch

Make two TRs into the centre of the ring, and then chain 2. (The 3chain and the two TRs make up a cluster, and the 2chain is to separate it from the next cluster. The 2chain makes the corners for the square.)

Crochet Granny Square 1
Make 3 TRs into the ring, and chain 2. This is your 2nd cluster.

Make two more clusters separated by 2 chains. After you have made your fourth cluster you need to chain 2.

Granny Square 2
Join your chain 2 to the last stitch of the initial chain you made. You remember – the very first chain 3 that you made which equals the first TR of your first cluster? Yep, that one :) Join it with a slip stitch, and tie off your yarn, leaving a tail.Congratulations – you have completed round one!

Granny Square 3

    Now you need to pull on the tail end of the yarn until the hole in the middle is closed.

    Join your next colour by slip stitching it into a corner gap. Then, pull the yarn through to the front and chain 3.

    Granny Square 3

    Make 2 TR stitches into the same space as your chain 3. This is your first cluster of this round. All of your clusters will be made in the chain spaces, rather than out of the stitches like we did in the Solid Granny Square pattern.

    Granny Square 4

    Chain one (the chain spaces are what you will be working out of in the following rounds.) and then make 3 TR stitches into the next corner space.

    Chain 2, and make another cluster of 3 TR stitches into the same corner space. This makes your corner. You will notice that corners are separated by chaining 2, but the sides have a chain 1 space.Some people prefer to make 3 chains in their corners – it is up to personal preference really.

    Chain 1, and then make another corner into the corner of the first round. (a cluster of 3 TR stitches, chain 2, another cluster of 3 TR stitches in the same space.)

    Continue around the square in this manner, remembering that the corners have chain 2 in them, and then the sides have a chain 1 space. When you get to the start, make a cluster of 3 TRs into the corner space where you started, chain 2, and join it to the last chain of the initial chain 3. Like usual :-)

    Join your next colour, and then chain 3.

    Make your first cluster (you know the drill by now I’m sure!

    Then, chain 1 to make a space, and make one TR cluster into the next space, and then chain 1.  The one TR cluster into the corner.

    So, to make a corner you have 2 clusters in the same space, separated by chain 2. You are now making sides as well as corners from now on, so you need to make one cluster in each non-corner space. These are separated by chaining 1.

    When you get back to the beginning, make one TR cluster in the corner space where you started, chain 2, and then join it to the last chain of the initial chain 3 of the first cluster.

    That’s 3 rounds completed! Well done :) It’s easy when you know how, isn’t it?

    You can either stop there and weave in your ends or you can keep going and make your granny square a big as you like. You just need to remember that you will be making more side clusters each time, but the number of corners will always be the same.

    The next Granny Square of the Month in the shop is Saturday 27th Feb so I will publish the instructions on the Blog shortly after.  The pattern is this:



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